Policy of Fatimah Couture

This is the official policies of Fatimah Couture


  • Any clothing material and style can be shopped at Fatimah Couture. If specific material is not available, it can be arranged at customers demand while custom designs and styles can also be catered.
  • Full payment will only be received through custom gateway.
  • If any defects or damage are found at the time of delivery, Fatimah Couture will make every effort to correct it while after that it is customers responsibility to verify the correctness and Fatimah Couture will not be responsible.
  • Orders and bookings will only be placed after complete details of clothes and customers and noted.
  • Payments will be required to be paid in PKR or current exchange rate of the day payment is made. Advance payments will be required as per order requirements, failure to provide will result in order cancellation.
  • Online orders through social media and Whats App can be placed and respective orders will be delivered internationally or locally based on the desired address.
  • Changes or modification about orders must be made in reasonable amount or else Fatimah Couture will not be responsible for likes and dislikes.
  • Price of the order will be adjusted based on the clothes and order while factors such a quality or material can play a vital role.